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XBRLAPI provides a free, open source Java implementation of an API that supports analysis of XBRL data sources, both taxonomies and the business reports that are based upon them. XBRLAPI is released under the lesser GPL license.

If you are using the XBRLAPI and having success (or difficulties) please provide a review on the Sourceforge website. These will assist with development and documentation activities on the project and will provide new users with better, independent, information on whether the XBRLAPI is likely to meet their needs. A comment to support the review feedback will be particularly helpful.

Installation suggestions are available to assist you with getting started with XBRLAPI.

Download the latest stable version of the XBRLAPI directly from Sourceforge.

Bleeding-edge versions of the binary JAR files are available from the SVN repository. If this list of JAR files is empty, that generally implies that the current stable distribution is up to date with the latest developments.

Forthcoming features are generally listed on Sourceforge You are welcome contribute new features to the existing list.

The XBRLAPI is supported by Galexy Pty. Limited. If you wish to support the work XBRLAPI project then please consider contributing expertise and/or time. Contribution suggestions include:

Xindice also used to be supported but with the data store querying being upgraded to use XQuery 1.0 rather than XPath 1.0, Xindice's lack of support for XQuery 1.0 has become a binding constraint.

The Java implementation guidelines are also explained in some detail.

The itself can be reviewed as a set of Java documentation webpages.

Latest news on XBRLAPI developments are available from Sourceforge.

The XBRLAPI has a number of important limitations. Before deciding to work with it, consider whether the following limitations will impact you work:

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