A Java API for XBRL

Package org.xbrlapi.sax

Provides the SAX handling involved in the DTS discovery process.


Interface Summary
EntityResolver General entity resolver interface that enforces serializability.

Class Summary
BaseContentHandlerImpl SAX content handler used in construction of an XBRL Discoverable Taxonomy Set (DTS).
ContentHandlerImpl SAX content handler used to parse a document into an XBRL API data store.
EntityResolverImpl Entity resolver that dynamically adds to the local document cache if it is set up and that gives preference to the local cache (if it is set up) as resources are identified by the resolution process.

Package org.xbrlapi.sax Description

Provides the SAX handling involved in the DTS discovery process.

Package Specification

This package provides the content handler responsible for the discovery of a DTS given one or more starting points for the discovery process.

It also provides a Lexical handler to preserve comments etc.

The DTD handler is required to enable identification of attributes that are of ID type based on DTD type definitions and to preserve DTD information in the discovered documents.

The entity resolver is required to handle entity resolution that maps URLs to the cached XBRL documents in the local filesystem.

xbrlapi.org Java library providing XBRL functionality

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